What to Expect

Often the stress and pressure of a legal issue weighs on you, consumes much of your time and spills into other parts of your life. We understand the difficulty of your situation and are here to listen. For this reason, your initial consultation with us is always free. We also recognize that people are busy and don’t always have the ability to devote significant amounts of time for their legal issues. The staff and attorneys at Bell & Washington LLP try their best to accommodate for your schedule by offering conferences both over the phone and via Skype. Every day, we set aside time in the morning and afternoon for conferences for our clients. However, you may call at any time to speak with a case manager or attorney to assist you with your case.

We know that sometimes legal issues can arise without warning. Knowing this, we offer flexible payment plans. For personal injury matters, we work strictly on contingency. If we are unable to reach a settlement on your behalf, then you do not have to pay a dime for our legal services. We offer some of the most competitive contingency rates to ensure you get the most money for your case.

For criminal law matters we work on a flat fee, meaning a one time cost that is paid to cover all of your legal work for the crime you have been convicted of. For family law matters, we generally charge a minimum retainer of $3,500. A retainer is a deposit for legal work; we hope that the deposit will be enough to cover the work in your case, but given the complexity of family law issues, often the retainer will be expended and we will continue billing at our hourly rates. For all other matters, we generally require half of the fee in advance, with monthly payment plans for the balance.

Are you are a member of a legal benefit plan? Find out more about our participation here.