Child Support Arrears

Unfortunately, many separated single parents and their children are faced with tremendous financial hardship when the non-custodial parent does not pay child support. However, there is a multitude of ways to pay “arrears,” or past due child support, due to a strict statewide policy to ensure that single parents and their children are supported. Set out in Title 19, Chapter 6 of the 2010 Georgia Statutes, Georgia’s child support enforcement laws set a binding obligation on the non-custodial parent to follow the state’s guidelines and orders for regular and timely child support payments.

It is imperative that you seek adequate and knowledgeable legal representation to pursue child support arrears, as failure to do so quickly may result in interest payments and sizeable legal ramifications. At Bell & Washington LLP, our family law attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in family law matters, much of it involving child support and arrears. Whether you are seeking to enforce your legal right in pursuing child support arrears or find yourself being faced with legal penalties due to arrears, contact Bell & Washington LLP in our Atlanta office. There are no fees or obligations for an initial consultation and we would be delighted to speak with and assist you. Call us today at 404.437.6641 for a free consultation.