Child Support

As taxing and turbulent the process of deciding custody and visitation for your children can be, determining the financial implications of child support payments, either seeking or paying, is another convoluted legal issue that requires your utmost attention. Georgia child support laws have been significantly altered over the past few years. Hiring an attorney who understands and has experience with these laws is crucial to ensure that both you and your children’s financial interests are best secured.

Child support is essentially the money that is distributed from one parent to the other to provide for the financial burden of raising a child or children. The Georgia child support laws require consideration of both parents’ incomes, known as an income shares model. The court will first determine the gross earnings of each party, then add both incomes to get the combined adjusted income amount. Next, the basic child support obligation is found from the child support obligation table provided by the state, which portions the appropriate percent of each parent’s income towards child support.

The Georgia legislature does not take the failure to make child support payments lightly. Even in cases where there is joint custody of a child, child support payments may be imposed on one of the parties. Let the experienced family law attorneys at Bell & Washington assist you in configuring fair and appropriate child support payments. These calculations and figures may seem incredibly confusing, but with more than 50 years of combined experience, our team of attorney’s will expertly guide you through your options and help you towards the best path for you and your children. For high-quality legal representation on the issues of child support, contact the attorneys at Bell & Washington in our Atlanta office. There are no fees or obligations for an initial consultation and we would be delighted to speak with and assist you. Call us today at 404.437.6641 for a free consultation.