Custody and Visitation

Children are their parents’ greatest assets and when the parents go their separate ways, this creates a very troubling scenario. Because your future relationship with your child is at stake, child custody and visitation disputes are very emotionally and financially draining on everyone involved. In our combined 50 years of experience, we are used to seeing our clients at some of their most emotional moments. With the attorneys at Bell and Washington you are ensured competent, experienced, and comprehensive legal representation during this time, as well as someone to talk to, day or night, weekdays or weekends, about your case.

We understand the decision handed down in your case will greatly shape the future of your family for years, with many key issues to be determined in your custody and visitation proceedings. While your marriage may be coming to an end, the future relationships that you and your children have will remain for the rest of your life. Questions about basketball practice and household chores soon become those about college choices and weddings. For these reasons it is imperative to place great emphasis on child custody matters, understanding that future interests are on the line. At Bell & Washington, we understand the value of these future relationships. We use our experience and expertise to minimize the damage of the separation and preserve the unity between you and your children.

The Bell & Washington family law attorneys have a depth of experience in successfully representing families in matters involving child support and visitation. We understand every divorce case is different and will bring an objective approach to your situation. If you are facing marital issues and have divorce in mind, contact the attorneys at Bell & Washington in our Atlanta office. There are no fees or obligations for an initial consultation and we would be delighted to speak with and assist you. Call us today at 404.437.6641 for a free consultation.