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Property division negotiations tend to be far more serious when the assets being discussed are worth a considerable amount of money, and divorce and child custody disputes involving celebrities often attract a great deal of media attention. If you are wealthy or famous and thinking about filing for divorce, you should seek out an attorney that understands complex financial matters and is comfortable dealing with the press. The family law attorneys at Bell & Washington have considerable experience in high-asset divorce cases, and they have represented athletes, politicians, entertainers and other public figures.  We do this in a very discrete manner so that your rights are protected and we try to shield you from the media glare that comes with these matters.   We can also work with your media team for messaging as needed.

Property Division

Water front mansion with yacht. If you or your spouse have a high-net worth and are ready to file for divorce, our high-asset divorce lawyers can help you divide assets fairly.

One of the most challenging parts of a high-asset divorce case is identifying and placing a value on investment portfolios, retirement plans, works of art and antiques. Spouses who have spent years or even decades building their collections or portfolios are usually averse to seeing them divided or sold, which can place them at a disadvantage during divorce negotiations. Bell & Washington’s Family Law attorneys have a combined 50 years of experience in high-asset divorces, and they work with their clients to identify potentially sensitive issues before negotiations begin.

Concealed Assets

It is not uncommon for wealthy spouses to attempt to soften the financial impact of a divorce by hiding their income or disposing of or concealing assets. This has become far easier in recent years thanks to the rise of nontraditional investments like cryptocurrencies that were specifically created to protect anonymity and do not leave much of a paper trail. When financial records suggest that assets have been hidden or income concealed in a divorce case, the attorneys at Bell & Washington may call upon experts like appraisers, auditors and forensic accountants to help them protect their client’s interests. 

Placing a Value on Assets

Model houses and coins representing assets. Our high-asset divorce lawyers help high net worth individuals divide assets fairly in divorce.

It can be very difficult to place an accurate value on assets like business interests and investments in a divorce case, and this is especially true when they were owned by one of the spouses prior to the marriage and have appreciated significantly. In these situations, several appraisals conducted by independent experts may be needed to reach a figure that both spouses can agree on. When disputes arise over the value of property in a high-asset divorce case, Bell & Washington’s Family Law Attorneys take steps to ensure that the experts called in to resolve them are both qualified and impartial.

Protecting Privacy and Dealing with the Media

Schadenfreude is the word used to describe the pleasure people get from the misfortune of others, and the media coverage of high-asset divorces and child custody disputes is usually designed to invoke it. This coverage is rarely fair or impartial, and it can cause a great deal of anguish in people who have done nothing wrong and are unable to fight back. 

Bell & Washington has extensive experience in handling the press and paparazzi when representing celebrity clients like the former wife of Grammy-winning entertainer Usher Raymond, Tameka Raymond. As such, our attorneys will work fervently to see that you are treated fairly and protect your privacy.

Arrange a Free Consultation

If you are contemplating a high-asset divorce, you should consult with an experienced attorney without delay. Acting quickly can prevent asset concealment and control the information that reaches the public domain, and it could also prevent private disputes from becoming expensive and protracted court battles. If you wish to discuss these matters more fully, you can contact us at 404.437.6641 or use our online form to arrange a private consultation.

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