Property Division

The division of material property can be the most tumultuous and emotionally charged part of the marital separation. Since each party may have very different ideas about what “equitable” division of property entails, property division is a very complex part of the divorce proceeding. The attorneys at Bell & Washington have more than 50 years of combined experience, developing the sensitivity and expertise necessary to help successfully guide you through the property division process. We will relentlessly fight for your fair share of property acquired in your marriage.

Under Georgia law, all property that is accumulated during your marriage is considered shared marital property, except for property received by gifts or inheritance. Each spouse is entitled to a fair and equitable portion of the marital property, regardless of who holds legal title to the property. The term “equitable” does not necessarily mean a strict 50/50 division, although most often that is the case. The judge in charge of your divorce case will decide what is most fair to both sides and divide assets accordingly. It is for this reason that a strong advocate is critical — an attorney who can effectively and skillfully outline the current situation and protect your marital assets.

Furthermore, the division of property has ramifications for other aspects of your divorce settlement. A skilled family law attorney understands all these legal hurdles and considerations. Our experienced attorneys will make sure your marital assets are protected and that this process is as easy as possible. There are no fees or obligations for an initial consultation and we would be delighted to speak with and assist you. Call us today at 404.437.6641 for a free consultation.